Transitioning from Founder-led Sales to Your First Sales Rep: What You Need to Know

September 18, 2023
9:00 am

The decision to hand your baby over for someone else to care for, love, and raise isn't an easy one, but there comes a time in each company's life cycle when the Founder, needs to step away from selling and transition back into the role of CEO/Founder. When to make that transition is a hard question to answer, and this interactive workshop will help you decide when and how to hand over the responsibility of generating revenue to someone else. This interactive workshop is geared toward current and future startup Founders with the following objectives:

  • 1) Challenge the assumptions held that the Founder is the only one who can sell the product or service
  • 2) Discuss what needs to occur before transitioning away from selling
  • 3) Help Founders decide when it's the "right" time to hand the baby over for someone else to raise  
  • 4) Detail what needs to be in place before the transition from selling is made  
  • 5) Prepare the Leader for the emotional side of making the pivot from selling  
  • 6) Outline the traits and qualifications to look for when hiring the first sales representative.

This session takes place in the Havana Room, located on the 2nd Floor of @4240 Building at 4240 Duncan Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110.

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