About Startup Week

A week of entrepreneurial events developing, connecting, and celebrating St. Louis’s startup ecosystem

Know before you go:

Every day has its own location

Startup Week happens over five consecutive days, with a different venue every day. So all of Mondays sessions will be at Place A, all of Tuesdays will be at Place B, etc.

Most events are free

The vast majority of Startup Week's events are free to attend.

Sessions are offered ‘a la carte’

You can sign up for as many or as few events as you'd like. Register once, then add all the sessions you're interested in to your schedule.

Everyone's welcome

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or are just starting to consider a new venture, Startup Week is for you.

Get to know the organizers

STL Startup Week is produced by a dedicated volunteer coalition comprised of leaders, entrepreneurs, and community organizers.
Meet the team

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of events happen during Startup Week?

We have a wide variety of different events and programs during STL Startup Week including presentations, workshops, panel discussions, networking events, competitions, and happy hours.

All Official events produced by STL Startup Week are live and in-person for 2023. There may be a handful of partner or community events (events that are listed on the STL Startup Week website but are run by other organizations) that can be accessed virtually. Please check the registration details for each specific event before signing up.

Who runs Startup Week?

STL Startup Week is a grassroots event led by community members and facilitated by the TechArtista Foundation. Organizers and speakers contribute on a volunteer basis, and all revenue from ticket purchases and sponsorships goes directly to hosting the event.

Who is Startup Week for?

STL Startup Week is intended for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, investors, entrepreneur support organizations, students, and members of the innovation economy. Attendees hail from a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to: technology, agriculture, art, consumer products, education, fashion, finance, food, health, manufacturing, media, real estate, and social enterprise.

Don’t fall into one of these buckets and still find yourself intrigued by startups, entrepreneurship, and small business? Don’t be shy, join us! Part of STL Startup Week is welcoming new faces into the local ecosystem, regardless of your background, experience, or skill level.

I haven’t started my own business yet. Should I still attend?

Absolutely! STL Startup Week is a great environment to share your idea (if you have one) with others, collect feedback, and to find potential partners and resources. There’s absolutely no pressure or expectation that attendees have already created or scaled companies. Whatever stage you find yourself in, we’re here for you.

How much does it cost?

The vast majority of STL Startup Week events are free of charge. Our organizers are committed to making programming open and accessible for both new and existing members of the startup community. There may be specific events during the week that charge fees to help cover the cost of parking and food.

Don't miss Startup Week 2024

Mark your calendars now to join us for a week dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.