Host an event

Have an event to include in Startup Week? Tell us about it!

Connect your event to Startup Week

In addition to the sessions we organize, Startup Week also includes events hosted by community partners. If you have an event that you think would be a good fit, tell us about it!


Accessible to everyone

We strive to make Startup Week as accessible as possible, which is why most of our events are free or low cost to attend.

Relevant to our audience

Startup Week brings together a diverse crowd of innovators, change-makers, and entrepreneurs. All programming should be connected to that group.

In line with our values

Even though we aren't directly responsible for partner events, we want to make sure everything we promote lines up with Startup Week's core values.

Not overly self promotional

All events should focus on adding value for Startup Week participants, not pushing a specific product or service.

Partner with Startup Week

We look forward to learning about what you have planned!