Lynette Robinson

Director of Operations


Role with Startup Week:

Lynette Robinson is a Certified Director of Operations and the Founder of Lighter Living Virtual Solutions™ where she leverages her extensive corporate experience and personal passion for people to equip small business CEOs with solid operations support and candidates to build their teams. Lynette is committed to understanding her client’s needs and creating customized solutions that not only improves their current position but also sets their businesses up to meet and exceed its goals and vision for the future. Before starting her own business, Lynette spent 13 years in corporate America in technology sales. Her desire to have impact that transforms lives personally and professionally is what led Lynette to leave corporate and form Lighter Living Virtual Solutions. To enhance her Operations expertise, Lynette obtained a Director of Operations Certification from The Ops Authority™, where today, she is part of a team of Expert Coaches, led by Natalie Gingrich, guiding women around the world to build businesses they love in the disciplines of Operations. When Lynette isn’t working, you can find her with her two beautiful daughters, Leah and Lyndsey, who are her inspiration. Lynette takes great pride in knowing that her work is building a blueprint of excellence and widening access and possibilities for her daughters.

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Lynette Robinson

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