Lynn Cook

Coach and Founder


Role with Startup Week:

Lynn has been described by coaching clients as thoughtful, kind, concise, and sarcastic, but prefers to call herself an “aggressively tiny human”. Her no-nonsense style and direct approach helps clients attain clarity, focus, and direction in pursuit of their goals. I work with clients to identify their unique combination of skills and aptitudes, zero in on their goals and objectives, and create actionable plans to help them achieve success, whether personal, professional, or creative. She leverages over two decades of experience in nonprofit administration to help people embrace their strengths and live their best lives. The keen analytical insights and problem-solving skills once used to guide the community’s historical, cultural, scientific, and educational institutions now serve her well in coaching. She received her ADHD coaching training at the top program of its kind in the US. (ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy) and was certified in January 2022. She received her International Coaching Federation certification in February 2023. Her first book “Your Epic Journey: An ADHD-Friendly Guide to Mythical Personal Transformation” was be released on Kickstarter on July 18, 2023. This goal-setting journal combines the power of storytelling and coaching to inspire ADHD brains to live their best lives.

Sessions with

Lynn Cook

Sep 21
12:00 pm
Like A Boss: Putting Your ADHD to Work for You

Join an adult ADHD coach who works with entrepreneurs and founders to get past fear of their ADHD.

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