Jenn Whitmer

Owner & Founder


Role with Startup Week:

Jenn Whitmer helps leaders create positive and profitable culture with complex people. As an international keynote and TEDx speaker and Enneagram specialist, Jenn helps organizations retain employees, increase efficiency, solve conflict, and cultivate communication so that work is a joy, people are whole, and organizations flourish. (Usually, that means a lot of laughter!)Jenn holds graduate certificates in music education, theology, and leadership, along with a Master of Arts in communication and culture from Webster University and certification as an Enneagram coach. While not-at-all-secretly wanting her life to just be a musical, Jenn lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, Michael, their four kids, and a surly cat that puts up with them all.As a speaker, consultant, and joy-bringer, Jenn has stood in front of thousands of people, helping them develop the skills to improve their teams. She also hosts the live-streaming podcast, Joyosity. And she’s ready to help you restore the joy of work, creating a healthy workplace culture that is profit-making, people-first, and purpose-driven.

Sessions with

Jenn Whitmer

Sep 21
9:00 am
Build a Healthy Team of Self-Leaders from the Start

This lively, interactive session will show how to be not only the best leader, but your best self building the team that takes your organization far.

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