August 16, 2023

Empowering Unsung Heroes: The Significance of STL Startup Week in the St. Louis Business Scene

In the heart of St. Louis, a five-day extravaganza of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration takes center stage - welcome to STL Startup Week!

This annual event holds a special place in the St. Louis business scene, providing a platform for unsung heroes to have a voice, encouraging collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and fostering an environment of learning and networking.

In this blog, we delve into why STL Startup Week is vital for the growth and vibrancy of the St. Louis startup community.

Amplifying Unsung Heroes

Photo of Matt Menietti
Matt Menietti
"No other event brings together the startup ecosystem like Startup Week. We have so much momentum in our entrepreneurship community and it's important to keep reminding ourselves how far we've come!" - Matt Menietti, Lead Organizer

STL Startup Week celebrates the innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers whose remarkable contributions may have gone unnoticed in the bustling business landscape. This event is a stage for these unsung heroes to present their ideas, share their experiences, and inspire others with their unique journeys. By giving them a platform, STL Startup Week empowers individuals to leave a lasting impact on the community and beyond.

Spotlighting Businesses through Sponsorship

Photo of Stephen Von Rump
Stephen Von Rump
"I love that it's "home grown," an event planned and supported by local people and organizations, and likewise the speakers are also local and are addressing topics of interest to St. Louis entrepreneurs." – Stephen Von Rump, Speaker Co-Chair

For businesses, STL Startup Week presents an opportunity to become sponsors and highlight their members, initiatives, and contributions. By supporting the event, businesses raise their visibility, showcase their commitment to innovation, and align themselves with a dynamic startup community. The event serves as a powerful spotlight, illuminating the remarkable work done by businesses of all sizes.

Igniting Collaboration and Partnership

Photo of Holly Reardon
Holly Reardon
"This event gives startup founders and entrepreneurs the tools and know-how to make informed decisions and connect with important people in St. Louis. New businesses help this awesome community not only grow but thrive." - Holly Reardon, Marketing Co-Chair

STL Startup Week sparks collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and community leaders. The event brings together diverse perspectives and skill sets, facilitating collaborations that foster innovation and drive progress. In this atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie, attendees discover potential business partners, clients, or even lifelong friends.

A Nexus for Networking and Connections

Photo of Ben Molina
Ben Molina
"Small businesses and start-ups are the heart of the economy in St. Louis. I joined the STL Startup Week committee because I wanted to play a part in showcasing the awesome work that entrepreneurs and small businesses are doing right here in our St. Louis community." - Ben Molina, Speaker Co-Chair

The value of networking cannot be overstated in the business world, and STL Startup Week is the perfect platform to expand one's professional circle. Attendees engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build relationships that extend far beyond the event's duration. These connections may lead to mentorships, investments, job opportunities, or simply a support system within the thriving entrepreneurial community.

A Hub for Learning

Photo of KeAnna Daniels
KeAnna Daniels
"STL Startup is important to St. Louis because it creates an opportunity for education, awareness, and access to valuable resources that help elevate entrepreneurs at any stage at no cost other than time. It's a platform for dreams to come true and relevant connections to be made that can make a difference." - KeAnna Daniels, Organizing Committee Member

Learning is at the core of STL Startup Week. From insightful keynote speeches to informative workshops, attendees gain valuable knowledge, skills, and insights. The event features industry experts and thought leaders sharing their experiences, successes, and challenges. Learning from these experts equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Photo of Kim Oswalt
Kim Oswalt
"Startup Week may only span five days, but its impact lasts far beyond the closing party. It's an event that creates space for independent thinkers, makers, and innovators to come together and build a community that continues throughout the rest of the year." - Kim Oswalt, Technology Chair

STL Startup Week cultivates a culture of innovation and encourages a mindset of constant improvement and exploration. By showcasing groundbreaking ideas and thought-provoking discussions, the event inspires attendees to think differently, take risks, and push the boundaries of what's possible.


STL Startup Week is not merely a series of events but a transformative experience that fuels the St. Louis business scene. Through its support of unsung heroes, sponsorship opportunities for businesses, collaboration, networking, and a commitment to learning and innovation, this annual celebration propels the entrepreneurial ecosystem forward.

Join us at STL Startup Week and be part of an inspiring journey that shapes the future of the St. Louis business landscape.