Holly Reardon

Owner & Marketing Strategist


Role with Startup Week:
Marketing Chair

Holly brings her passion for storytelling and community empowerment to the St. Louis entrepreneurial scene. Originally from a small town in Maine, Holly's journey began with big dreams and an adventurous spirit, leading her to St. Louis in January 2018 for an internship straight out of film school. Her early years in the city were marked by learning, connecting, and experimenting, leading to the creation of Hapacity Marketing. This creative agency, dedicated to serving women-owned, mission-driven businesses, aims to not just promote a brand's offerings but to help them leave a lasting legacy. Holly's work extends beyond her agency; she's recognized as a "Hidden Gem" by Voyage STL Magazine and celebrated for her solopreneur success by GoSolo. As a mentor, speaker, and community developer, Holly has made significant contributions to STL Startup Week, serving previously as co-marketing committee chair and speaker. To connect with her, you can do so on LinkedIn or at her website, Hapacity.com.

Sessions with

Holly Reardon

Sep 18
12:00 pm
Passionate Positioning: Crafting a Value-Driven Brand Identity

Develop a powerful positioning statement for your brand that resonates with your target audience, steers your business strategy.

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