Brian Moncey



Role with Startup Week:

Brian Moncey is the founder and CEO of Black Raven AFC, a full service digital marketing firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO. At Black Raven, Brian serves two jobs; as the glue and the grease. As the glue, Brian helps keeps the teams working together towards a bigger vision for the company. As the grease, Brian steps in to remove friction and keep the company on a path of growth.With a degree in film production, Brian has spent his career putting audiences first. Working with non-profit and for profit organizations, Brian has made it his mission to bring the dignity of communication back by making sure that the audience is front of mind through every tactic, campaign, and deliverable.As an optimistic futurist, Brian loves talking about marketing innovation, the business of building businesses, and whatever cool thing you want to talk about. Besides Black Raven, Brian spends his free time making podcasts with his wife and kids and trying to work on a novel or two that just never seem to get done.

Sessions with

Brian Moncey

Sep 20
10:30 am
What AI Can Actually Do for Your Marketing (and What it Can't Do)

Learn the philosophy around how AI and LLMs can make a difference in your business marketing.

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